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Primary Care

Primary Care & Medical Spa located in Springville, UT
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Primary Care services offered in Springville, UT

The goal of primary care is to help patients stay healthy. At Dragon Healthcare Services and Med Spa in Springville, Utah, Joseph Dragon, FNP-BC, provides a wide range of primary care services, focusing specifically on preventive care. He and the team can diagnose, treat, and help manage acute illnesses and even chronic diseases. Call Dragon Healthcare Services and Med Spa to explore available primary care services, or book an appointment online today!

What should I know about primary care?

Primary care is a branch of medicine that focuses on a patient's general health, including treatment for immediate symptoms and chronic illness management. It also provides preventive care to help you maintain good health, which includes annual physical exams and disease screenings.

Dragon Healthcare Services and Med Spa offers a wide range of medical services for every family member. You and your family can receive general non-emergency medical care from Dr. Dragon and specialist referrals. 

Dr. Dragon gets to know you as a patient. He personalizes your care according to your medical needs, goals, and preferences. 

Which services do you offer through primary care?

Dragon Healthcare Services and Med Spa offer many primary care services, including: 


Diagnostic services

An essential part of primary care is getting the proper diagnosis when you have an illness or injury. Dr. Dragon offers diagnoses of acute and chronic conditions.


Physical exams and wellness checks

A regular physical exam should be part of your annual health care routine. These checks ensure that your health is on track and that you’re up-to-date on screenings.


Acute illness treatment

If you have sudden symptoms, like a fever or an unexplained rash, Dr. Dragon offers evaluation and treatment to get you back to feeling your best.


Chronic disease management

Chronic diseases are illnesses that persist for one year or longer and include diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney diseases. Chronic conditions often cause symptoms and complications for the rest of your life. Dr. Dragon helps you manage chronic illness with ongoing testing, medications, and treatments. 



Geriatric care offers personalized services to older adults with more than one chronic condition or other special needs. Dr. Dragon coordinates care among providers and provides support to families.

Why do I need a primary care provider?

A trusted primary care provider gives you the support necessary for non-emergency health questions or concerns. When you find a primary care provider and visit them regularly for wellness exams and other services, they become familiar with your health habits and patterns. This means they are alert to changes in you that could indicate a health concern.

Primary care providers diagnose conditions early when they’re relatively easy to treat. 

Schedule your primary care visit at Dragon Healthcare Services and Med Spa today by calling the office or using our online feature to book an appointment.